The FIRST STRONGHOLD game is played on a 27' x 54' field with two competing alliances that are made up of three teams stationed on each side. Each alliance gets one command tower and five defenses, along with a “secret passage,” that helps restock the robots with boulders for ammunition. The match is two minutes and thirty seconds long, with the first fifteen seconds as an autonomous period in which robots are pre-programmed to move on their own.

When the match ends, each alliance will be ranked by how well they cooperated with each other. This includes the points they earned, if they captured the tower, and if they breached their opponent's defenses. For more information about the game, click here.

Scoring Guide

Obstacles Points
Crossing a Defense 5
Boulder scored in Low goal 2
Boulder scored in High goal 5
Challenging the Tower 5
Scaling the Tower 15