Mission Statement

The McKinley Robotics Team's Mission is to "offer members multiple opportunities to enrich their education through practical applications of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)." Our goals are to present these STEM concepts in a fun and innovative way in the hope that students will be inspired to pursue technical careers that may help to make a positive impact in society, to encourage problem solving, to introduce students to an iterative process to achieve optimal results, and to foster life skills as they work together through failures, celebrate successes, and develop leadership skills.

Team Name

The two Hawaiian words, "Kika Mana," may or may not be familiar to most of you, but for the members of Team 368, they signify the embodiment of the team's character. When roughly translated from Hawaiian to English, "Kika Mana" means "Tiger Power," which aptly describes the determination, grit, and passion that drives Team 368 to do its very best in robotics competitions year-in and year-out.

About The Site

Team Kika Mana's website is driven by students on the website team who learn the basics of HTML and CSS. The purpose of this website is to stay socially connected with the rest of the robotics community and with others who might be interested in joining for the robotics program. The website team makes sure to update weekly in order to showcase their progress over the course of the FRC season.